Ashes Still Whisper: A translation of the Assamese novel Jalasobi by Anuradha Sharma Pujari

by Parasar, Bhaswati

ISBN: 9789354612176
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Imprint : Regency Publications
Year : 2022
Price : Rs. 7695.00
Biblio : vi+212p 25cm

Author Profile

Mrs. Bhaswati Parasar is currently working as an assistant professor in the department of English at Rizvi College of Arts, Science and Commerce, University of Mumbai. She has published several research papers in various journals of repute and articles in newspapers. Her present area of research is post-modern science fiction. Her deep interest in regional literature has led her to pick up this Assamese novel for translation and place it onto an international platform.

About The Book

'Ashes still Whisper' recounts the life journey of Subarnajyoti Devi, a simple, ordinary middle class woman but extra-ordinary in her attitude to life, in her determinations to face the tribulations of life and her sacrifices to uphold her family. Her death after three long months of painful stay in the hospital leaves her daughter Mani devastated and guilt-ridden. She reflects on the relation they shared just before her death, a relation turned upside down because of Subarnajyoti's mental illne

Table of Contents

Personal Ponderings v 1. End -Endless 1 2. Does the End Mean the End? 11 3. The Shore of the Lost River 17 4. A Closed Door 41 5. Gleaming Through the Window 67 6. Familiar-Unfamiliar….. 74 7. Like a Red Flag….. 79 8. The Green Sador… 93 9. The Key to Happiness 100 10. The Invisible Surge of the Heart 112 11. The Uneasy Tides of an Unfamiliar Sea. 129 12. Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya: Lead me From Darkness to Light 151 13. Home Sweet Home 163 14. In the Quest of One’s Own Home 165 15.