Indian Marine Biology

by Seshappa, G

ISBN: 9789354612664
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Imprint : DAYA
Year : 2022
Price : Rs. 6095.00
Biblio : xvii+154p., 58 figs., tabls., bib., ind., 25 cm

Author Profile

Dr. G. Seshappa (b.1918) was a retired Senior Scientist of the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of Cochin which is currently a part of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. He got his Marine biological and Fisheries training in the United Kingdom as a Government of India Scholar during the years 1945-1948. He obtained a Ph.D. degree from Durham University in 1948 on a thesis of intertidal ecology which he worked at Cullercoats Marine Biological Laboratory of the same Alma Matar

About The Book

The study of living organisms of the seas has become very important in recent years both because they are very interesting and economically important. India has made a considerable progress in marine biology after the attainment of Independence. The present book gives some idea of the present depth of our knowledge in this field. The book is divided into thirteen chapters. One chapter is devoted to physical and chemical features of the seas around India and another to the peculiarities of shor