Fundamentals of Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology

by Billore, Mridula, Phundan Singh & Sushma Tiwari

ISBN: 9789354612619
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Imprint : DAYA
Year : 2022
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Author Profile

The Authors —————— Dr Phundan Singh hails from a farming family of Western Uttar Pradesh. He graduated in Agriculture from Agra University, Agra and obtained his Master and Doctorate degrees from Kanpur University, Kanpur in Genetics and Plant Breeding. Dr. Singh has total experience of more than 40 years in the field of Plant Breeding and Genetics. He has 300 publications to his credit. He has authored 60 books, 18 technical bulletins and contributed 14 chapters in various books. He is an Exp

About The Book

This book covers the courses offered in Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology at under graduate level in all General and Agricultural Universities of India in one compact volume of 22 chapters. Hope, this volume would be useful to the students, teachers and researchers engaged in the teaching and research of Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology.

Table of Contents

Preface vii Syllabus [As per 5th Deans' Committee Report of ICAR] xiii 1. History of Molecular Biology 3 2. DNA Structure and Function 9 3. DNA Replication 19 4. RNA Structure and Types 27 5. DNA Markers 35 6. Marker Assisted Selection 47 7. Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes 53 8. Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes 61 9. History of Plant Biotechnology 69 10. Basics of Plant Tissue Culture 79 11. Nutrient Medium 87 12. Tissue Culture Techniques 95 13. Micro-propagation 105 1