National Service Scheme: A Youth Volunteers Programme For Under Graduate Students As Per UGC Guidelines

by Amit Kumar Jain, Brijesh Kumar Rathi, JDS Panwar

ISBN: 9789386949073
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Imprint : DAYA
Year : 2018
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Author Profile

Dr. J.D.S. Panwar obtained his Ph.D. from Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi in Plant Physiology with (i) Agronomy, (ii) Horticulture as minor subjects. Joined IARI, Plant Physiology in 1971 and served the Institute in various capacities as Scientist, Senior Scientist, Principal Scientist and as Head, Division of Crop Physiology, Biochemistry and Microbiology at Indian Institute of Pulses Research (IIPR), Kanpur for a period 5 years (2001-2006). Retired as Head, Division of

About The Book

This book has five units covering the area of basic concepts and structure of NSS, youth profiles, programmes and challenges, volunteerism and shramdaan. It will leave sufficient scope to the students to understand themselves in relation to their community, identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problem-solving, practice national integration and social harmony and acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitudes. This book covers the course content as prescrib

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement vii Preface ix Abbreviations xv Unit 1 Introduction and Basic Concepts of National Service Scheme (NSS) 1 Unit 2 NSS Programmes and Activities 21 Unit 3 Understanding Youth 63 Unit 4 Community Mobilization 83 Unit 5 Volunteerism and Shramdan 101 Proforma I 121 Proforma II 123 Proforma III 128 Proforma IV 129 Proforma V 130 Proforma VI 132 Suggested Readings 135 Annexure I 141